Monday, August 5, 2013

My Favorite Iced Coffee

I am simply calling this recipe, my favorite iced coffee because I drink it all summer long and its just that: my absolute favorite way to drink coffee when its hot! Every morning I get up and I can't wait to have my cup of coffee, my husband usually brews it for me because he is superior at it, yes I am admitting that publicly. He either uses an old fashion percolator or a french press; he makes up as much as the gadget will hold and then we store it in the fridge. This allows the coffee to cool down and not melt the ice cubes, which will water down your iced coffee...I don't ever use hot coffee for this, not ever! Having the big jug of coffee, pre-brewed in the fridge also saves you time, you just pour and go, easy peasy! No more stopping at Starbucks and spending half your paycheck on coffee, this is just as delicious and you can use products that you trust and love. I happen to love sweet, nutty flavors in my coffee so I always use Silk almond milk, the vanilla sweetened kind and an organic hazelnut creamer. This combination gives you a sweet and creamy iced coffee that, even my "coffee snob" husband absolutely loves. He used to drink only small batch, organic, fair trade coffee that is french pressed and absolutely no flavored creamers, of any kind are allowed to mingle with his coffee perfection, well well well look who has come to the coffee dark side! He now drinks an iced coffee right along with me, its that good!!

This recipe makes 1 iced coffee.


1 1/2 Cups organic, fair trade, brewed coffee, I like a medium roast, cooled completely.

1/4 Cup Silk vanilla almond milk, the sweetened one.

1/4 Cup organic hazelnut half & half, any flavor can be substituted.

1 tsp organic, fair trade, brown sugar, I use brown because it dissolves better in cold liquids than raw cane.



Fill a tall glass with ice.

In a separate glass pour all ingredients and stir well to dissolve sugar and combine, its difficult to do with the ice in it. Pour it over the ice, stick a straw in it and enjoy!

I like to put mine in a reusable Starbucks cup (given to me by my bestie). It has a lid, a straw and it makes me feel like i'm drinking a luxurious 5$ coffee!

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