Thursday, April 11, 2013

Italian Egg Sandies

We don't have cable TV anymore but when we did I would always watch the Food Network. They always had food commercials on there and Denny's was advertising for egg sandwiches that they said were "healthy." Well I did think they looked good but I wanted to recreate these at home with the ingredients I deem to be healthy. So here it beautiful Italian egg sandie! I used a combo of whole eggs and egg whites, from locally sourced hens, of course. This makes a fluffy and rich scramble that is lower in fat but still tasty and not to watery, I find that all whites sometimes get too "wet." I mixed in NY state sharp cheddar cheese and some Italian herbs; fresh oregano and basil. I then layered on big juicy hydroponically grown tomatoes and sweet marinated roasted red peppers. Oh my gosh!!

Let's talk about bread! Bread is both my friend and enemy, I love it so much but my hips do not! It's something I have a total addiction to and because of this I end up having bouts of no carbs because I feel guilty and then bouts of overdoing it on the carbs to compensate for the drought. So I finally decided to allow it but just in moderation, and to buy only the very best breads. I like to buy the best locally baked bread I can find and use the smaller, end pieces to make these smaller egg sandies. It allows you portion control and you don't even realize it. One of my favorite bread bakeries in the area is, Bread Alone Bakery. They use local, organic ingredients and the bread is baked the old fashion way, in a wood fired stone hearth oven. Eating a sandwich on this bread just feels right! Click on the link above to learn more about Bread Alone Bakery, you can even order their products online, or find them in stores near you.

There is one little secret to the deliciousness of my egg sandie and that is the siracha sauce, yes I know it doesn't sound Italian but I think it's quite necessary on...well, on everything!

This recipe is for 3 egg sandies but can easily be converted to make more.


2 Whole, organic, farm raised eggs
2 Organic, farm raised egg whites
1/4 Cup organic, sharp cheddar cheese, shredded.
1 Tbsp fresh, organic oregano, chopped finely.
1 Tbsp, fresh, organic basil, chopped finely.
Sea salt & fresh ground pepper, to taste.
6 Pieces of bread for toast, I used a local sourdough.
1 Large, organic tomato, sliced into rounds.
2 Large roasted red peppers, cut in half so they match the size of your bread, I use Divinia jarred ones. They are marinated and organic.

Siracha Mayo

3 Tbsp olive oil mayo, or other low fat mayo.
1 Tbsp siracha, I used Jojo's.


In a large bowl mix together eggs, egg whites, cheese, herbs, salt and pepper. Whisk to combine and incorporate air, about 2 minutes.

Heat a nonstick pan to medium low heat and add olive oil. Cook eggs till they are soft and fluffy about 5 to 6 minutes. Longer if you want them dryer, I like mine creamy.

While your eggs are cooking, toast each piece of bread and spread with siracha sauce, about 1 Tbsp each sandie. Top with tomato slice and red pepper slice. When eggs are done spoon equal amounts onto each sandwich and top with the other toast.

Serve with a side of fruit or yogurt, we served ours with the Stawberry, cherry, peach smoothie with mascarpone and basil, match made in heaven!!


  1. I'm going to try this out all weekend.

    1. Awesome! We also love it with spinach and jalapenos if you feel like getting crazy with it!